Super 8mm - 11 minutes, 2012
A study of three similar but distinct microcultures: the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge. Interrogated through the use of contact microphones, the physical infrastructures of these bridges become audible and reveal their inherent macroacoustics. The film treats the bridge as an anthropological body for discourse, as a physiology of limbs, organs, eyes and ears moving in time.

First Prize - Black Maria Film Festival 2012
Ethnographic Terminalia, 2012

Strange Beauty Film Festival, 2012
Experimental Film Festival Portland, 2013
Flex Fest, 2013

Super 8mm - 4 minutes, 2011
A cross-cultural camera roll of two desolate landscapes. One half shot in the Mojave Desert of Joshua Tree in California, the other half in the industrial ghost town of Industry City in Brooklyn, NY. An in-camera exquisite corpse.

FLAHERTY NYC, 92Y Tribeca - 2011
Ann Arbor Film Festival - 2012

CROSSROADS: Moving Image Arts Festival
San Francisco Cinematheque, 2011

Super 8mm - 6 minutes, 2010

An experimental portrait of aging master luthier, Raul Orlando Perez, and instrument making as a form of alchemy.

Public Overlap,
San Francisco, CA - 2011

Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival,
American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, 2011


Super 8mm - 4 minutes, 2010

A journey above and below one of America’s most polluted waterways. An audio-visual portrait of the Gowanus Canal using binaural contact microphones, a homemade hydrophone, and my last roll of Super-8mm Kodachrome.

GWANDERLUST, Cinebeasts,
Brooklyn, NY - 2011

Gowanus Studio Space, Festival of Ideas for the New City,
New Museum, 2011


Super 8mm - 11 minutes, 2010

By rail and by foot we encounter the ghosts of colonial relics, from Catholicism to industrialism to a lost Incan fortress.
FLAHERTY NYC, 92Y Tribeca - 2011 Ghosts in the Eye: Experimental Documentaries
92Y Tribeca, 2010

Co-Director, Jen Heuson
Hand-processed Super 8mm - 16 minutes, 2009
An ethnographic portrait of life in Immokalee, Florida, the heart of industrial agriculture in the United States and home to its largest population of migrant farm workers.
***This is the trailer, for the full-length version click here.

Margaret Mead Film Festival, 2009
Singapore Int'l Film Festival,
New Y
ork Avant Cinema, 2010
Flex Fest, 2011
Indie Grits Film Festival, 2011

**Best Film -Int'l Film Festival Hungary, 2010
Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival,
American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, 2010
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2011
www.antislavery.org - 2012

Hand-processed, hand-tinted Super 8mm portrait of time, aging and the human body.
Techniques of the Observer
Bombay & New Delhi, 2009
The 8 Fest, 2010

An encounter with Mr. Ba, Ho Chi Minh's personal photographer.
The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Documentary Fortnight, 2009
Iowa City Experimental Film Festival, 2008
PDX Film Festival, 2009

A story of cultural belonging narrated by three Viet-Kieu voices and lucious Kodachrome travel footage from Vietnam.
***This is the trailer, for the full-length version click here.

Black Maria Film Festival, 2007
*First Prize

Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2007
PDX Film Festival, 2007

Mixed Messages, 2006
*Best in Show & Award for Excellence in Cinematography
Broadcast - Michigan Public Television, 2007

An experimental portrait of Sri Lanka told through time-lapse cinematography and field recordings.
U.S. Super-8 & DV Festival, 2006
*Award for Best Experimental Film
PDX Film Festival, 2006
Mixed Messages, 2005
*Award for Excellence in Sound Design

Super 8mm/ 16mm - 3 minutes, 2003

Optically printed from super 8mm & 35mm ektachromes. A story of hand-made alien abduction in homage to Jean Cocteau.
PDX Film Festival, 2004
Flicker NYC, 2005

Sound Installation

An investigation into non-anthropomorphic hearing.


Sound Sculpture

An audio-visual journey above and below one of America's most polluted waterways.


Sound Installation

An array of contact microphones turn a house in surburban New Jersey into a living, breathing instrument.


Radio - 3 minutes
In the late hours of winter, the boroughs of brownstones in New York City are seeped in the sound of whispering radiators.

Broadcast - free103point9, 2009


Sound Sculpture
A piece for technologically induced reflexive listening.

Ear to Earth Festival, 2008

New Media
An Audio-Visual Study of North & South American transit. A tool for unlocking the ubiquitious acoustic.
Radio - 10 minutes
A relationship between Man, God, Father, and Piano Bar.

Broadcast- Weekend America, 2007

PRX Podcast, 2006

Radio - 2 minutes
Girl with Tape Recorder Waxes Existential. My baby sister circa 1968.

Broadcast - WYBC, 2008

Sound Sculpture

An audio-visual installation combining stereoscopic photography and binaural sound recordings. A sound-space experience.

Proteus Gowanus, 2006
Third Coast Int. Audio Festival, 2007
Channels: Emerging Media Publics, 2006
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Radio - 1 minute
60 seconds from the streets of Calcutta. In booths along the side of the road, documents are transcribed by crouching typists.
Third Coast Int. Audio Festival, 2006
Filmless Festival, 2010
Broadcast - RTE New Media , 2010